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Meaning "island", Isola aims to provide a safe haven

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Isola is a small home on the outskirts of Colchester. Its rural setting offers the space for our young people to relax and grow. Our team is a close-knit unit, and seeing the same faces more regularly allows better relationships with the young people. We use some psychodynamic practices to help our young people understand why they feel the way they do, and our carers focus on attachment to build strong foundations and restore self-belief.

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Please send referrals to info@shalamarchildren.co.uk


Key Details

big little home
Plenty of Space - room to be themselves

Isola is a spacious home with large outdoor areas and multiple communal rooms. It only hosts 4 young people, letting our residents make the most of that amount of space.

boys only
Single-Sex Home - for a safer environment

While we would like the home to be open for any and all who need it, we find that not mixing sexes leads to a much more settled home. Therefore, Isola will only be accepting male referrals.

creature comforts
On-site Animals - mobile therapy units

Goats, chickens, rabbits, and cats are kept on the premises, which young people can interact with if they choose. There is also an opportunity for young people to keep their own small pets.

Dedicated Therapist - voluntary talks

Isola is visited regularly by our therapist, who provides monthly reports to help both us and our young people keep a better current understanding of their minds and their needs.

best practice
Regular Training - staff keep up with current standards

With frequent training and advice updates, our carers are always using the best methods, both in general and in specific regard to our residents' individual requirements.

rural with access
Rural Location - quiet but not isolated

Isola is situated in a rural area with few neighbours and a quiet atmosphere. However, with a car it is within easy reach of all Colchester's amenities, and fast national travel routes nearby.

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